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Leveraging Technology: 8 Big Wins from DesignAlign

“What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.”

—Tim O’Reilly

Is your kitchen and bath business ready for the future?

Earning a higher gross profit margin is about speed and consistency of genuinely stellar service. The kitchen and bath industry is far behind other sectors in integrating technology. We’re about halfway there – but owners have been resisting the momentum to push their businesses forward. Too many owners haven’t made the changes that need to be made to reap the benefits industry-specific tech has to offer.

Streamlining your business will allow you to scale up in years – not decades – from now, charge up to 40% more for your products and services, and double your revenue. These outstanding benefits have been proven for firms with a standardized selling process. It’s time for your firm to leap in value over your competition.

Win #1: The consumer saves time

Your prospects want to make informed decisions, not be told what to buy. To do this, they need to know the product pricing that goes into their project.

Ball-parking totals for prospects is history. Now sales designers who use a standardized selling process can give their prospects estimates in two hours instead of two or more weeks.

By integrating DesignAlign’s Good-Better-Best (GBB) selling platform, your team will build strong relationships built on faith and trust with your prospects. Your clients will count on the same superior service and speed no matter who in your firm they talk to. This is a tremendous leap in efficiency.

Win #2: Sell more in less time by getting the “no”

Think like your customer, and you’ll get what you want.

You can save a ton of time getting commitments by walking your prospects through an interactive transparent buying process – that’s been proven for decades to work. DesignAlign shows buyers where their money goes on their remodeling projects – down to the last dollar.

Presenting three budgets – the Good, Better, and Best options – to your prospects quickly serves multiple purposes:

  • It puts the prospect’s interest first
  • It saves you and your prospects a ton of time
  • It quickly determines whether you have a qualified client or not

This strategy is called “going for the no” because it gives the designer a hard answer on a prospect’s commitment level.

Sales designers can save up to 75% of the time it typically takes to produce a single estimate using DesignAlign by interactively developing and agreeing on a prospect’s project budget in advance of using 2020 Design Live. Adopting this process will allow your designers to double their annual sales production!

Win #3: Scale faster with synchronization

Speed and consistency of customer service will double your firm’s revenue. When your team uses DesignAlign, they’ll be synched to give your customer faster, accurate service since anyone in your firm can access any of your remodeling projects at anytime. So, no matter which designer your prospect first sits down with, they will receive the same rapid, informed sales service from your entire team. When you leverage synchronization, you’ll be able to charge up to 40% more for each job.                                                      

Franchises are not the only enterprises that can leverage economies of scale to grow their business. Your firm can scale to have satellite showrooms earning 14-19% pretax net profits.

Win #4: Be a one-step, secure pricing source

You can make decision-making a whole lot easier for your prospects when you become a one-stop kitchen and bath remodeling source.

Prospects will save time by having hundreds of product lines to search through on DesignAlign’s platform. Designers will never have to exit the software to secure product specifications and pricing. The big win here is that your firm will take on more jobs while giving your clients a better value – while you’re retained at a higher price!

No more maintenance of product and price catalogs for all the lines your firm carries.

Win #5: Vendor product displays are made easy

Imagine having all your vendor products accessible in one space!

With DesignAlign, dealers have access to their vendors’ complete product lines, where they bring their prospects to develop a project budget together. Now, kitchen and bath designers can show their clients and prospects their buying options from their computer screens – even remotely.

With DesignAlign, your vendors earn complete exposure for their entire product line, visible to every prospect!

Win #6: Superior service —> Better value —> Earn more per job

Prospects want choice – but not too much choice. They also want to be informed of their options – not sold anything. The modern consumer walks into their business dealings with knowledge of what’s out there. However, before they make a purchase of something as complicated and costly as a new kitchen or bathroom, they will want to consult with your designer before they make a decision.

So, firms delivering superior, streamlined service and great products are of more value to consumers. Proof of your excellent service is in how you provide your customers with meaningful solutions to their needs.

With a Good-Better-Best selling platform and over 1 million products to choose from – customizable to include your local market – your prospects are more likely to digitally shop exclusively within your firm because they have a comprehensive inventory to choose from and can get what they want.

When prospects see their options side-by-side, with all the details given, studies have shown they tend to upgrade themselves.

In this regard, GBB selling elevates your relationship with your prospects. By knowing how much and why the remodeling costs what it does, they’ll feel empowered in the purchasing process.

As a result, you can charge more with the Good-Better-Best selling platform, and designers, whose compensation is usually factored in the job’s final gross profit – will earn more from every project sold!

Win #7: Business owners increase their company enterprise value

The kitchen and bath industry is dominated by dealers who lack college degrees – or even informal business management and marketing training. So, they’ve been forced to make critical decisions based upon a “gut feeling.” Because of this, industry growth has been erratic and rarely followed the consistent 15% average annual sales increase advocated by author Jim Collins of Good to Great fame.

This percentage achievement is a sitting duck waiting to be blown out of the water.

With DesignAlign, owners can leverage real-time data to make smarter business decisions faster and more confidently. You can scale your operations in a few years rather than a few decades. Most importantly, the valuation of small businesses leveraging DesignAlign will be significantly enhanced, making it easier for owners to sell their businesses at a premium when it’s time to hang up the blueprints.     

Win #8: Vendors gain sharper forecasting

Vendors with their product line mounted on the DesignAlign platform can significantly leverage their analytics to enhance their sales forecasting.

These “in the loop” vendors can:

  • Calculate the amount of business in their customer network pipeline with confidence
  • Gain insights into new product development and even save money purchasing raw materials for their factories
  • Surpass the value of the month-over-month sales increases drawn from the increased product exposure

The future is now. SEN Members using DesignAlign’s Good-Better-Best selling platform can charge up to 40% more per job and double their revenue in the first year. With DesignAlign, your firm will soar above your competition as a superior value to your prospects.



  —SEN Leadership Team


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