SEN Design Group

Vendor Partners

With dozens of high-quality vendors to choose from, SEN Members have the resources to take their kitchen and design projects from mundane to magic.

SEN Design Group’s vendors are partners in the true sense of the word. They provide tremendous value to SEN Members, which is the ultimate goal of SEN Design Group. As an industry buying group, SEN chooses the best, high quality vendor partners to fill the needs of our members, covering all product categories in the kitchen and bath industry. The vendor partners provide SEN Members with exceptional products, group pricing, excellent customer service, priority status, and quarterly rebates.

What are the benefits of SEN vendor partners?

SEN vendor partners are vetted for high quality product manufacturing and customer service. SEN carefully chooses vendors who occupy product categories to cover every aspect of kitchen and bath design. SEN Design Group has a stringent vetting process — not every vendor who applies will be accepted. This is a huge benefit for members as SEN only considers the best resources for their members to work with.

The list below is categorized by product type and displays the vendor logo, brief description of product lines, and links to the vendors’ websites.