SEN Design Group

Business Coaching

Go for the win…with business coaching, budgeting tools, and resources for greater profitability in your kitchen and bath business.

Individual coaching, customized business consultation and business plan development is designed to identify and build upon business strengths and transform areas of weakness. Often the most difficult step a business owner can take is identifying their own need for self-improvement. However, it is a journey that is worth taking if you truly want to improve your weaknesses and fully capitalize on your strengths.

SEN has been such a benefit to me in so many ways—specifically, the exercise of creating a 3-year Budget and Profit Plan. That exercise enabled me to plan revenue, marketing, staffing and even personal growth. This process made it possible to bring the events of the future into the present, and has empowered me to get a real handle on moving to the next level.”

—Michael Watts, Bel Air Construction, Inc., Forest Hill, MD

SEN understands that no two kitchen and bath showrooms and design/build firms are exactly alike. Therefore, despite the similarities companies in this industry may have, effective business development will take different routes to success. There is no “one size fits all” approach to Business Coaching. SEN Design Group is the only industry organization with multiple Licensed Professional Business Coaches (LPBC’s) on the team with the background, knowledge, and credentials to power our industry professionals toward crafting the best game plans for achieving their goals. It is our passion to help make our members stronger, smarter business owners.

Whether you are a large showroom dealer looking to grow and further improve your business, or a smaller studio model trying to improve your profitability and streamline efficiencies, SEN has the Coaching Services to not only substantially strengthen your business but help realize its full potential. Our Business Coaches can partner with you 1:1 to cover topics such as creating a profit plan, increasing gross profit margin, crafting an exit plan, and hiring the right talent. If you need to reassess current processes and procedures, our Business Coaches can help.