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Working with the SEN Design Group gives you an enormous advantage over your competition. You will make your business more profitable and earn higher gross profit margins as part of the premier kitchen and bath buying group. As the leading industry buying group and business education resource, a SEN membership includes benefits that are unique to the kitchen and bath industry:

Advanced Technology—The DesignAlign™ selling system technology is included in every SEN membership.

Purchase Power—We partner with more than 50 exceptional vendors for preferred rates and rebates in cabinetry, appliances, plumbing fixtures, decorative hardware, closets, lighting, bathroom products, flooring, tile, business services and accessories.

Business Education—We provide kitchen and bath design-build firms the business education tools and resources to drive greater revenue growth and deliver invaluable, industry-specific business knowledge.

Becoming a SEN member is a smart business decision that will lead you to a more profitable business year after year. Take advantage of SEN’s years of experience, partnerships, and resources to benefit your business. Download the Membership Benefits chart and explore the advantages of becoming a member.

Discover 6 unbeatable reasons to become a SEN member today:
Technology provides a clear advantage to companies that utilize it. Today, the DesignAlign selling system technology, an interactive kitchen design app focused on the Good-Better-Best sales process, is a benefit included in every SEN Design Group membership—at no additional charge. This innovative kitchen remodel cost estimator saves valuable time by reducing the sales cycle and exponentially increasing productivity—effectively doubling and tripling annual sales.
Effective financial management is vital to the success of every business. Accurate cash flow analysis and ongoing assessment of your operating costs and areas of improvement/efficiencies are key elements to successful financial planning. Appropriate pricing which capitalizes on the true value your products/services can substantially increase your profit margins. And effectively identifying high quality revenue opportunities, strategic partnerships, builder trends and reliable, lucrative vendor relationships are at the core of any growing enterprise.
Well-run businesses are continuously looking for ways to improve the bottom line. However, there are only so many ways a company can improve processes and efficiencies that result in lower costs. Aligning your company with other businesses who have a common financial interest by joining the top buying group in the kitchen and bath industry is one smart tactic. You can reduce costs with project software and build better relationships with vendors. This helps your company with cost of supplies and improved, reliable services. It’s the power of one to level the playing field for your independent kitchen and bath showroom.
Unless you are an accountant by trade or a business major, good business skills may not come naturally. Smart business tactics may not be your area of expertise or interest. Do you understand your current profit margins for every kitchen and bath product and service you sell? Do you know what level your profit margin must be, in order to be a viable, growing business? Do you know the proper level of pricing you can set that will produce enough sales for your business and allow you to be profitable? Education is key and seeking instructional opportunities is a smart decision.
Much like the need for business knowledge to operate a successful, profitable kitchen and bath design-build company, sales are a necessity for revenue and income. However, the sales process can be difficult and is not usually an intuitive strength for most business people, especially creative professionals. Creativity and design talent do not automatically go hand-in-hand with understanding how to nurture and close a sale. Learning how to obtain leads, build a healthy sales pipeline, and utilize best-practices to close the sale are tactics and strategies that can be learned.
Surround yourself with successful, like-minded people. This is what a strategic community is all about. It is one of the wisest decisions you can make for your business and individual growth, both personally and professionally. It is why we seek out mentors, coaches, colleagues, and fellow business owners to help us grow and improve. They experience the same challenges and opportunities that you do. The SEN member-community is willing to share a wealth of knowledge, real-life experience and relevant, unique ways to increase sales.