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Kitchen and Bath Designers spend countless hours creating proposals that often don’t result in a sale. Luckily, there’s a new way to secure more clients faster.

SEN Design Group founder, Ken Peterson CKD, discovered that new way in 1976, teaching his interactive project budgeting concept to members since 1994. They made the sales process even better by developing it into a 3-column, Good-Better-Best comparison-shopping experience.

The Origin of the Interactive Budgeting embedded in DesignAlign

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Adopt Comparative Budgeting for kitchen and bath designers to gain trust and close quickly.

As in sports, speed kills the competition. By empowering consumers to create their own project budget during the very first meeting, pricing resistance is virtually eliminated. What’s more, they love the discovery process, pricing transparency, and time-savings. That earns consumer trust and a fast retainer.

How it works

  1. Guide clients through kitchen and bath investment decisions.
  2. Clients choose how they want to spend their money.
  3. You collaboratively work to determine their ideal investment range.
  4. They sign the retainer agreement, you get to move forward.
This SEN-recommended sales process now serves as the crown jewel of DesignAlign technology. Professional execution is the key to leveraging this powerful sales consultation tool for maximum results. SEN University has the courses, schools, and coaching to achieve that.
Co-developed and beta-tested by SEN Design Group​

Everything you need to close more and earn more

Transformative results


Increased Closing Ratio


Reduced Time To Close


Increased Sales


Increased Gross Profit Margin
Metrics validated by SEN Design Group. DesignAlign is the perfect platform for both developing new designers quickly and elevating veteran productivity. Automated sales process and DesignAlign dashboard analytics become the foundation for scaling operations into satellite showrooms, each potentially delivering 15-18% pre-tax net profits.
“2021 was a stellar year for my company for many reasons. Had we not already implemented the process of securing retainers using the GBB system built into the SEN software program, there is no way we would have been able to convert the extra leads into actual clients. It allowed us to get to the “no” more quickly and freeing our designers’ time up to focus on the clients who had already financially committed to work with us. There is no way that we would have been able to produce that increase in revenues had we been using our old system.”
Bob Strate, Callier & Thompson, MO (SEN Member)
“The conference was so good it took me 3 days to transcribe my notes and set priorities. I made a decision to invest in DesignAlign because I see it as a tool to grow my business and make it more profitable. Great strategy to have it focus only on Good-Better-Best and do away with all the other moving parts for now. New people will understand GBB. I am going to send my sales manager, design manager, and maybe my controller to the SEN 4-Day Executive Business School in Chicago this November.”
Jim Eathorne, EW Kitchens, MI (SEN Member)
“After an introduction to the good, better, best philosophy, I realized how powerful the first hour of speaking to a potential client could be using this “speed dating” approach. Our “First Date” includes a focused, transparent, and accurate budget outline. With, of course, a tease of design, product knowledge, and an infomercial about our Company.  This has allowed us to cut our pre-commitment time by 75%, get in-front of more people, and get that deposit we all crave. I never would have thought a change spending less time with someone would produce so much more. Thanks, SEN!!”

Bob Amberg, Certified Kitchens, Inc, NJ (SEN Member)

“This past year we have implemented the new platform that the SEN Design Group provides to its membership. They have developed a great onboarding process for its users. I believe they have figured out a system that is repeatable throughout our industry. I feel this software is a game changer. It is going to allow me to grow my business with much better efficiency and controls on things as they move through the pipeline.”
Tom LeBlanc, Watch City Kitchens, MA (SEN Member)
“DesignAlign will separate me from my competition and add to my overall offerings.”

Kevin Duffy, Kitchen Design Collective, KY (SEN Member)

“DesignAlign does a nice job of breaking down all the costs of a kitchen or bath project by categories. It’s really helpful because it provides the reality through professional documentation and gives important cues for my prospects when deciding.”

Caroline Farlow, Willow House Design Studio, VA (SEN Member)

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