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5 Profit-Building Strategies for Kitchen and Bath Firms

“Through the three-year budgeting process, I learned the correct price formula for my overhead and desired net profit. I earn a six-figure salary, and my growing firm has a bright future.” —Gary Lichlyter, Lemont, IL Most kitchen and bath firm owners can make much more than they currently do. Problems in generating higher profits usually […]

Business Advisory

How Mentorship Can Revolutionize your Business

“I enjoy helping others become more successful.” —Don Boico, CKD, Classic Kitchen & Bath When I started the kitchen and bath industry’s first buying group in 1994, I had a nearly decade-long battle to get the SEN Design Group to the point I felt it should be. During my earlier years as a kitchen and […]

Business Advisory

The Power of One: Maximize Your Performance in a Buying Group

“What is comfortable is rarely profitable.” —Robert Arnott Many kitchen and bath firm owners choose their participation level in a buying group without really planning how to get the most out of it for their business. Without a plan, owners forfeit the best benefits of being a buying group member. For members who want more […]