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How to Build a Productive Team in the Kitchen and Bath Industry

“Values aren’t visible on a resume. They’re revealed in the choices we make: to speak up or stay silent, take responsibility or make excuses, and lift others or cut them down.” —Adam Grant We all want to be recognized for our achievements. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling firms are filled with talented, competitive people who aim […]

Business Advisory

Earning Prospects’ Trust Through Transparent Selling

“Without a doubt, there’s a new endgame in today’s digital economy. Consumers don’t just buy products and services anymore; they buy experiences.” —Ben Jackson Customers remodeling kitchens and baths want to be part of the budgeting process. Gone are the days when kitchen and bath dealers sort out the details of a project price behind […]

Business Advisory

Incentivizing Strategies for Key Managers

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” —Henry Ford   Commissioning salespeople with a percentage of gross profit is an informal standard in the kitchen and bath industry. While there’s no established standard for rewarding key staff people and managers, there are two incentive concepts I’ve favored throughout the years […]