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Looking for a new, improved marketing plan? Make the move today to become a SEN Vendor Partner.

Discover 6 unbeatable advantages to being a part of the exclusive SEN membership community:

Successful business people partner with good companies.  Our Members are here to learn about how your products can benefit and grow their businesses. For you, that means they are a smart, captive, and motivated audience. They’ll understand the value of what you offer and will be dependable, long-term performers.

We are your enthusiastic supporters.  SEN Product Coaching requires us to be fluent on your product, service, and offering. Consider us an extension of your sales and customer support team.

Together, we enhance the industry.  We only partner with brands that align with our core values and mission. You bring outstanding products to our members. SEN Design Group brings dealer operating experience, education, technology, relationships, and passion. Our industry succeeds and excels. It’s a win-win-win for our vendor partners, members, and SEN.

Reach and serve more dealers at a fraction of the cost.  Whether it be at our semi-annual conferences, through email marketing or SEN University webinars, your investment in the group will cost you far less than starting out on your own or finding another nearly 200 dealers. SEN continually refers membership prospects and current members to our vendor partners. You can be selective — protecting current dealer base, improving territory markets, and all the while controlling your growth.

SEN Vendor Partners have typically experienced a higher percentage of annual sales growth with SEN Members.  The balance of their dealer networks don’t grow as much year over year. Experience substantial business growth through the SEN Design Group of active, loyal, purchase-ready members.

The members are your clients for life.  Members love nothing more than to share positive stories about amazing vendor partners that help improve their businesses. Support our members on their business development journey, through profitable product purchases, or even help them get ahead of local competitors and you’ll earn customers for life.

“It’s amazing. We learned a lot about financials, we learned a lot about benchmarking. I learned a lot of formulas we can take back and apply to our books, and see where we rank compared with the industry averages”

—Patrick Finn, Patrick A Finn Custom Homes and Remodeling, Palantine, IL