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DesignAlign™ Software Earns an 86.4% Favorability Rating

“Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence—only in constant improvement and constant change.”

—Tom Peters

In 2021, the kitchen and bath market is booming throughout the entire country. Sales designers can’t handle all the leads. Work and life balance are further off-kilter. The Good-Better-Best (GBB) selling system, proven to double sales in half the time, is now automated in the simple-to-learn and easy-to-use DesignAlign platform; it’s on its way to becoming the front runner for kitchen and bath sales software.

SEN Business School attendees at the Chicago mid-July event witnessed a presentation by Jodi Tramontin CMKBD, Director of Training for operateIT. The attendees, both members and non-members, represent various business models and geographical locations, giving DesignAlign an overall favorability rating of 86.4%.

DesignAlign’s top three features

SEN Business School attendees in Chicago earlier this month were asked to rate 15 features of DesignAlign software. Their top three choices included two features SEN anticipated would be favorites, while the third was a pleasant surprise to us.

#1. The ability to customize the product offered through DesignAlign by creating a Local Product Catalog (LPC) for brands not mounted on the platform.

#2. The one-day implementation training guarantees team-wide ability to leverage the platform daily.

#3. Real-time business analytics with SEN recommended Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for sharper decision-making.

Local product catalog. It’s easy to see why the LPC is number one. DesignAlign is about making kitchen and bath businesses run faster, smoother, and more efficiently. With all the moving parts involved in the kitchen and bath industry, DesignAlign is customizable to serve diverse business models.

Training guarantee. Right on the heels of number one, landing just three points below Local Product Cataloging is the training webinar to ensure the successful adoption of all firms using DesignAlign. Once owners choose and customize the templates they will use, they are encouraged to attend a one-day webinar open to everybody on their staff to learn the ins and outs of DesignAlign so that the entire team knows how to leverage the software. Once that happens, your business will be on track to double your revenue within 12-24 months.

This one-day webinar, led by Jodi Tramontin CMKBD, guarantees that your entire team—whether large or small—will successfully implement the DesignAlign software by the end of the training session.

Using DesignAlign in your business is your next leap forward in efficiency and profitability. Endorsed by Harvard Business Review, the Good-Better-Best (GBB) sales process is a proven game-changer. With GBB embedded as DesignAlign’s centerpiece functionality, you will ramp up your professionalism team-wide, making a significant difference to prospective customers. Read more about the Good-Better-Best selling model and what it can do for your firm.

Real-time business analytics. Most business owners recognize the decisions they make are not from hard data. They make intuitive decisions and shoot from the hip, which explains why so many businesses take two steps forward only to fall a step or two backward. With real-time analytics, firms using DesignAlign software will make more informed business decisions, charge up to 40% more for the products they carry, and double their revenue in one to two years of making DesignAlign their “go-to” selling system.

Other noteworthy DesignAlign features

The SEN Business School attendees discovered a lot of other features to love.

#4. Signature & Executive memberships come with an unlimited number of licenses. They liked that you don’t have to pay for extra licensing as your business grows and adds more personnel.

#5. The Global Product Catalog (GPC) enables GBB options from some 1 million products. DesignAlign users can go into the catalog with this feature to access photos, special features, specs, and pricing for most products they need. It makes good sense why this feature would also be popular among SEN Business School attendees. It’s all at your fingertips! It will save you and your team a ton of time by not having to research products, features, and prices using a multitude of different websites.

#6. The capability of earning up to a 40% increase in gross profit margins. By embracing this powerful technology that shows all of the component costs of a kitchen/bath project, your prospects will see your company’s offering far superior customer service.

If desired, you could be on track to setting up satellite showrooms, which carry lower overhead and higher profit-earning potential. This is where your business achieves economies of scale, piles up retained earnings, and zooms way past all competitors.

SEN members are already out-performing the competition. The industry standard for gross profit margins is 29%, as reported by RICKI in Kitchen & Bath Design News. At an average of 37.95%, SEN members are already surpassing that average by some 31%. Think of how much more profit your firm will earn using DesignAlign! Now is the time to get on board with this ground-breaking software! Learn how to use DesignAlign here in a Free 30-Day Trial.

#7. An improved customer showroom experience, leading to 75%+ closing percentages. It’s no wonder that customers value the professionalism, education, trust of budget numbers, and Amazon-like speed of service found in firms using DesignAlign to accurately project what their jobs will cost. In today’s post-pandemic, hectic lifestyle, people expect – even demand – that companies save them time. Those that do, like Amazon, are the big winners. DesignAlign can make SEN members big winners.

New DesignAlign features coming this fall

How do you use DesignAlign if you’re not technologically inclined? The answer is simple. DesignAlign will be debuting a built-in guide to lead you from pricing to budgeting to getting retained. It is one of three (3) new features that are launching very soon.

The Workflow Assistant. This tech development is a giant step beyond intuitive programming. It guides the DesignAlign user through whatever they need done. When you start with the program, the Workflow Assistant will guide you every step of the way from one task to the next until you have contacts, products, budgets, and a retainer agreement ready to share. It is impossible to get lost using DesignAlign because the Workflow Assistant knows everything that needs to be done, in the order it needs to be done, and is with you every step of the way!

Cabinet Selector. This industry game-changer is another huge time saver! DesignAlign will crunch the numbers and accurately spit out your costs per box. Five well-loved cabinet brands have already committed to embedding their brands in DesignAlign’s Cabinet Selector: Bellmont, Nobilia, Fabuwood, Jay Rambo, and Custom Wood Products

No more spending five to six hours producing a design and two weeks to deliver a cabinet quote to your prospect. Now you can provide a cabinet budget in seconds within an 8% margin of error, accurate enough for consumers to make an informed buying decision. DesignAlign automation has dramatically reduced the sales process for you.

Bi-weekly talk show. Get more familiar with DesignAlign software by asking questions of its developers, trainers, and expert users to become expert DesignAlign users yourself! The bi-weekly session will be hosted by operateIT experts and SEN leaders. If there are any doubts in your ability to use DesignAlign, the bi-weekly talk show will eliminate them.

All three of these new features will be available by the SEN Fall Conference in Indianapolis this September.

Catch DesignAlign classes at the SEN Fall Conference

If you are not already convinced of DesignAlign’s efficiency in closing jobs systematically (and in half the time), so your firm doubles its sales, there are a few operateIT classes at the SEN Fall Conference to take note of:

  • Tuesday 7/21 from 1:00 to 2:00 pm – How to set up your DesignAlign G-B-B templates for maximum profitability
  • Tuesday 7/21 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm – Catching up with the latest DesignAlign features
  • Tuesday 7/21 from 3:15 to 4:15 pm – Introducing the Change Champion Circle

Make 2021 the year your business sees a significant jump in efficiency and productivity. All you need to do is try DesignAlign kitchen and bath software for free and see the dynamic growth it will generate for your business.

—SEN Design Group Leadership Team