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Win Client Commitments with a Centralized Selling System

5 Ways to Win Client Commitments with a Centralized Selling System

“What technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.”

—Tim O’Reilly

Imagine your operations are fully automated. Visualize your team of seasoned pros guiding your clientele through a straightforward and expedient way of mapping out their remodeling investment plans. See how your clientele is empowered by their decision-making because they see where every dollar factors into the cost of their project. Your clients are spending more money on their kitchen and bath remodeling projects because their experience in the purchasing process has made an indelibly positive impact on them.

Now visualize your team selling more jobs each quarter. Every quarter.

Read about five wins for implementing a centralized selling system into your kitchen and bath business operations. We have proof that centralized selling saves time and will ultimately earn your firm higher gross profit margins.

Win #1: Empower your vendors with total product exposure

Today, the kitchen and bath industry can acquire new customers at a low cost of acquisition. By stocking your digital showroom with all the products available in your vendor universe, your sales designers can focus on giving the prospect what they want.

As many showroom owners know, seeing often means buying for the customer. People fall in love with products when they interact with them.

A fully-mounted catalog makes it easy:

  • For the prospect to upsell themselves due to the allure of having products at their fingertips
  • For the prospect to make last-minute changes to their investment range
  • To communicate with vendors through direct messaging (DM) – giving you and your team the latest product price updates
  • The selling process makes it easier for vendors to acquire new customers at virtually no cost

Win #2: Product catalog maintenance is a thing of the past

Who doesn’t want to save time?

Now firms don’t have to spend time maintaining vendor product pricing accuracy. Let the time burden be lifted so your team frees up to mobilize other tasks.

No more searching the web to locate product specifications because all of the products your customer can choose from are in one place. When your vendors’ products are mounted on your selling platform, they’re responsible for maintaining the accuracy of their product specifications and pricing. You’ll also be able to reduce your firm’s profit erosion on jobs sold.

Free yourself from time burdens!

Win #3: Sales designers earn more for your firm with every sale

Technology has brought convenience and refined transparency for the kitchen and bath buyer. These changes are crucial advancements in the industry that every firm owner can leverage.

The bottom line is that this convenience will save you time and catapult your profit margins into the stratosphere.

Good-Better-Best product selection is an essential channel to winning prospects’ trust. Consumers’ remodeling habits have proven they feel more comfortable buying from independent firms that offer Good-Better-Best selections over the generic big box store experience. These prospects also value the expertise of independent dealers.

This winning combination creates a bond of trust between the prospect, and your sales designer, typically encouraging the prospect to spend more money on their project.

Consumers are willing to pay more for products from firms they believe in. It’s also true that customers will upsell themselves when they are empowered with knowledge of the itemized costs of their selections.

Win #4: Increase your enterprise value

Many kitchen and bath firms are still not earning the desired 15% annual sales growth. It might be because most firm owners need more training to make big managerial decisions for their firm.

While owners who get extensive training will support the growth of their business by developing their leadership, there are areas within technology that are crucial to learning and can be accomplished through informal training.

Using a centralized selling system will allow owners to scale their operations much sooner than they could dream about doing if they continued to stock and sell products manually.

Having your vendors’ entire catalogs available at your fingertips is a tremendous resource that allows you to:

  • Use real-time data to make smarter decisions for your business
  • Get smarter about how other firms in the industry are doing by comparing your metrics to non-competitor businesses
  • Leverage economies of scale much faster
  • Drastically reduce the amount of time before you can comfortably retire
  • Create more value for your firm

Win# 5: Enable vendors to make accurate forecasts

Vendors also benefit from a centralized selling system. Your vendors will gain more robust sales due to a tremendous increase in product exposure.

Your firm’s sales boost will allow vendors to calculate future sales earlier through your project pipeline accurately. With all the Good-Better-Best products you carry mounted on a centralized selling system, your vendors can know the amount of business they have in their pipeline and save the expense dollars from purchasing for their factories. Your vendors may find that these efficiencies are better for them than the month-over-month sales increases they get from total product exposure.

Adopting a centralized selling system for your operations boils down to improved communication, improved product exposure, saving time on earning client commitments, increasing higher gross profit marginsby charging more for your products and services – and logging more jobs in a year.

A centralized selling system at the core of your sales operations is evidence of where your business is going: from good to better to best. Imagine opening satellite showrooms in several years rather than decades.

With a centralized selling system, it’s a reality!


                                                                                                            —SEN Leadership Team


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