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Becoming A One-Stop Kitchen and Bath Showroom Source

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.”                                                                                                             —Sri Chinmoy   With big box stores taking a considerable chunk of business away from kitchen and bath firms since the early 1990s, independent dealers must be as versatile as possible in the ground they cover with their products and services. Many […]

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Cooking Up Success—The Recap and the Benefits of Membership

There is one central goal for SEN Design Group — it is the focus and mission of our organization. It is the single reason SEN exists. The success of our members. Every spring and every fall, SEN members attend one or both of the semi-annual conferences. It is the opportunity to optimize membership in this […]

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Unlock the Value of an Industry Buying Group and Support for Members from SEN Design Group

Your kitchen and bath business must be creative, innovative, and stand out from a crowded field of competitors to be successful. In today’s business environment, especially since the advent of COVID and its lingering effects 2 years later, being creative means much more than your exceptional design skills when conceiving the inspiration for your clients’ […]