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Material Shortages and Project Delays—Dealing with Unhappy, Difficult Customers

A year ago at the start of the pandemic, no one knew what to expect. What exactly would all of this mean for our businesses when we were forced to close the doors to the public? Who imagined that the kitchen and bath industry would become so insanely, crazy busy as the world shut down […]

Business Advisory VOL. 2, ISSUE 18

How Cabinet Comparison Displays Drive Kitchen Sales

“Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.” —Brian Tracy, Author of The Psychology of Selling Imagine today’s consumer wandering around your kitchen and bath showroom. One kitchen display after another is gorgeous. Each mock-up projects a different […]

Business Advisory VOL. 2, ISSUE 17

The Proof Is Out There: Good-Better-Best is the Best Selling Model for the Kitchen and Bath Industry

“G-B-B is a strategy every company should consider. I routinely see it used to simultaneously attract high-spending customers and price-conscious ones, dramatically boosting revenue and profit.” —Rafi Mohammed, Harvard Business Review For decades, the SEN Design Group has been advocating and teaching the intrinsic value of the Good-Better-Best (G-B-B) selling system. Many, but not all, […]