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Warm and Cozy Kitchens—Winter Kitchen Must-Haves

Winter has arrived and it is the time of year when we put a log on the fire, drink hot chocolate and make a delicious, warming bowl of chili. We also prepare for the holidays when families get together for delicious meals and usually plan to overeat. While this year may be a little different […]

Business Advisory Vol. 1 Issue 36

Principles of Productivity

The hours of every work day always seem to fly by. There is never enough time in the day to complete the endless list of tasks bouncing around in your head, and even those prioritized duties often get pushed aside for the unexpected, metaphorical fires that arise and must be immediately extinguished. You’re always busy […]

Business Advisory Vol. 1 Issue 35

5 Zoom Best Practices for Everyday Meetings

It is no surprise that Zoom is one of the most downloaded apps in 2020. With millions of people staying home, Zoom was being used for both professional and personal use. From meet workings, to happy hours with coworkers or friends, to trivia nights, Zoom has helped everyone feel connected while social distancing. Just like […]