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Business Advisory Vol. 01 Issue 22

Manage What You Measure (Measure What Matters)

Everyone has a unique story as personal as his/her signature. I’m always intrigued and excited to learn new things about the people I’ve met and the fascinating details and experiences of their lives. The more compelling the story, the more I want to be swept into it. Stories don’t just end with people; every business […]

Business Advisory Vol. 01 Issue 21

Introduction to Open-Book Management

The skepticism is real for the traditionalist. It usually starts with a feigned expression of acceptance, as if it’s understood and already practiced. It doesn’t take long for it to shift to a look of disbelief. Then comes resistance with disapproving speech patterns and heels dug in. It’s usually followed by complete and utter shut […]

Business Advisory Vol. 01 Issue 20

Tips for a Productive Remote Working Experience

Sahya’s work environment changed overnight. The notification was swift. She, along with everyone in her department, was grounded. Accustomed to a travel schedule that placed her on the road or in a plane every week, her frequent flyer account stopped accumulating miles. The pandemic forced an immediate paradigm shift, not just for her but also […]