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10 Tips for Using Social Media in the Kitchen & Bath Industry

Social media offers many opportunities for businesses in the kitchen and bath industry. You can represent your business online, show off your work, and attract new customers—all with the tap of a finger. At SEN Design Group, we know that online marketing is more important than ever. Making social media part of your marketing strategy will help you succeed in the kitchen and bath industry in 2021. Here are some of our best tips for making social media work for you.

1. Create an Aesthetic

Social media is a great place to show off your design skills. Just like you would for a kitchen or bathroom, choose an attractive color palette and a style or theme for your account that complements your work.

2. Keep It Real

Authenticity builds trust. The more genuine your posts seem, the more followers you’ll attract. Keep it simple, and always use your own voice when composing a post.

3. Update Your Stories

Stories are a more casual format that offer you a chance to show your spontaneous side. You can share real-time updates on your projects or glimpses of your day-to-day activities.

4. Show the Before & After

Everyone loves to see a beautiful transformation! Whether you’re working with a new build or a remodel, before and after shots tell a story and make your projects come to life.

5. Share Process Shots

Invite your followers behind the scenes for some candid glimpses of your process. Images of projects in progress emphasize the value of your work and the importance of hiring a professional.

6. Share Your Knowledge

Tips from a professional are always welcome. You’re the expert, so show your audience your kitchen and bath expertise by sharing useful tips that they’ll appreciate.

7. Introduce New Products

Creating content isn’t always easy. If you’re ever stuck for a topic, try showing off a new product or share why you love an old favorite.

8. Share Testimonials

When one of your clients tags you in a post, share it to your story or timeline. Sharing your followers’ posts will help you expand your audience and reach more potential customers.

9. Start a Conversation

Ask a question and get a conversation going. Engagement is everything when it comes to social media. The more comments you get, the higher your posts will rank in social media algorithms.

10. Maintain an Active Presence

Active accounts also rank higher. Update your social media as regularly as you can. Whether you post twice a day or twice a week, set a schedule and stick to it. Even if you’re not sharing a post, log in once a day to respond to comments and like your colleagues’ posts.

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