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17 Reasons to Showcase Your Projects with Breathtaking, Click-Worthy Photos

What do we even mean when we say the term “click-worthy photos” and why should you have beautiful, professional photography to showcase your completed projects? We understand it brings extra costs to a project when you hire a professional photographer, particularly one who specializes in capturing interior home designs.

Taking a memorable picture of your project that fully captures the beauty, details, special touches, and the heart of the design is not easy – your beautiful project does not guarantee great photos. It is not simply “point and click” and automatically you have a beautiful photo because the end result of your completed project is a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom that your customer absolutely loves. There are many things to take into consideration — lighting that balances warm and cool-toned interior fixtures and natural sunlight, the right equipment for high-quality image files, and principles of visual design, proportion and photographic best practices — to produce the perfect photos that capture your project in its best light.

Why do you need exquisite photos to showcase your completed projects? We have 17 compelling reasons why you should consider professional photography as a regular practice and investment in the success of your business:

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words  It may be cliché, but it is true. Photos will show prospects your talents and capabilities better than any spoken words can describe — quickly and decisively.
  2. First impressions  In business, you only get one chance to effectively make a great first impression. Give prospects every reason to stop shopping for a kitchen and bath designer.
  3. Your business and our industry are very visual  When prospects visit your website, photos are everything! You must WOW them immediately and make them want to see more. It’s your differentiator from your competitors.
  4. Your competitors are doing it  You don’t have to do everything your competitors do. In fact, you want to be unique. As your prospects are shopping for the perfect kitchen and bath design resource to work with — breathtaking, exquisite photography can be how you stand out from the rest of the field of competitors.
  5. The human brain thinks in pictures  There is study after study that shows we think and understand better visually than with the written or spoken word. It certainly is more memorable.
  6. Help prospects see their dreams  When a prospect has an old, tired living space they want to remodel, it can be difficult to envision the possibilities they do not even know exists for their kitchen or bath. Beautiful photography can help them see their dream.
  7. Harness your prospect’s emotions  You want to seize the moment when the prospect can visualize their dream and see the possibilities for their own project through photos that captured the dreams of others before them.
  8. 24/7/365 salesperson  Your website and captivating photos serve as your every day, every night, no days off salesperson. There are prospects out there that you do not yet even know exist. Beautiful photos may make the sale for you.
  9. Showcase trends  A new trend can be difficult to describe. A stunning photo can capture the essence of an appealing trend better than any description.
  10. Show and tell  You cannot possibly stock samples of every product you may use and sell for every project you will do. Showing a product in a real-life design, beautifully depicted, is your best sales tactic. No persuasion will be required.
  11. Save time  You will never be able to adequately describe a beautiful design element as well as you can show it in a gorgeous photo. One look may save you many words.
  12. Capture your prospect’s attention  You only have seconds to capture and keep your audience’s attention. Studies have shown that today, in our age of instant gratification, humans have the attention span, which is less than that of a goldfish, at 8 seconds!
  13. Help prospects understand better  Beautiful photography can best help your prospects understand the possibilities for their project without overwhelming and confusing them. Less talk, more photos.
  14. Inspire your prospects to act  An appealing photo of a completed project will resonate with your prospect. They see their dream can come true. The emotion of this moment is one you should seize.
  15. Help your sales team  Your sales team will love you. Providing them with tools to sell your services and products is a win-win for you and them. Stunning photos will help them sell better than anything they can say.
  16. Show you are serious about your business  Investing in the marketing of your business shows your professionalism, expertise, talent, and the satisfaction of past customers. Take this opportunity to show off a little bit!
  17. Marketing  In today’s digital world, there are so many ways to distribute these photos – social media, your website, email, newsletters, collateral, and video. You will, essentially, be shouting out to the world —  this is our work! Put your best foot forward with stunning photography.

Professional photography is the best recommendation, but beautiful photos are the ultimate goal. If you need to consider DIY, then these are some of the important elements of photography you need to consider. Similar photography principles are applicable to both kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Make sure the space you are photographing is spotlessly clean.
  • Consider all the possible, different angles you can capture including height or from a low perspective.
  • Stage the space with appropriate props that will make an impact and enhance the space.
  • Leverage and manage the natural light that comes into the space.
  • Pick the “central character in your story” as you try to capture the essence of the newly remodeled space.
  • Avoid reflections, especially mirrors in the bathroom.

As you try to find ways to improve your business — whether that is through sales, prospecting, marketing, and your business development processes, professional photography can play an important role in differentiating your company from a crowded field of competitors. It can help quicken your sales cycle and help you optimize your efforts and the tools at your disposal to drive new sales and revenue.

And don’t forget — we want to see your completed projects so we can share them with your fellow SEN Members! Send us your favorite projects.

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