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Supporting Others, Gratitude, and Giving Thanks

All of us at SEN Design Group hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your families.

Having a four day weekend for Thanksgiving gives us a chance to reflect on all that we have in our lives — a loving family, good friends, colleagues we like (or love), health, happiness, a great business and career, delighted customers, a roof over our heads, and so much more. The holiday season is not only a time we take to remember what we are grateful for, but it is also a time to reflect on our communities and how we can support those that do not have the same advantages we do in our lives.

It may be making a child smile during Christmas with a gift under a Christmas tree that would not have been there if not for your donation. Or a Thanksgiving meal that would not have been possible without generous people who understand how lucky they are and want to help others. Regardless of how big or small your contribution is this holiday season, challenge yourself and your staff this year to go beyond the holiday season and support those in your community year-round.

What are some of the reasons we support others, donating time or dollars?

  • Community — we all live in communities, and as human beings with empathy, we want to help others when we can. This helps the whole community, and everyone in it thrive. And this is what living in a society is all about.
  • Strengthen Organizations — when we donate our time or money, we can help charitable organizations scale and sustain. They can grow their resources, staff, volunteers and increase the level of assistance they can provide to the people they aim to help.
  • Effect Change — when we can provide assistance to others — whether it is the people in need or the organizations that help people who need support — we can truly be part of the solution. We can help make real, life-changing progress.
  • You Will Feel Good — helping others (and expecting nothing in return) is a GREAT feeling. When we have the ability to do good for others, it is truly good for the heart. You will feel good about acts of kindness.

We asked our SEN kitchen and bath showroom Members what they are doing to give back this holiday season. Here are a few of the responses we received.

Kristy Ferguson, Beyond the Box in Billings, MT: “Our team is working on a very cool community minded project right now. We are donating the kitchen design and a portion of cabinets, countertops, and closets to a home that is being renovated that will help women with children get reunited and back on their feet.”

W. Neal Nesbitt, Shoreline Cabinet Co. in Wilmington, NC: Works with a local police precinct with a police program, is Chairman, Board of Directors at Rescue Mission of Cape Fear in Wilmington, NC, donates to St Jude’s, helps to provide Christmas meals for homeless at PVUMC in Wilmington, NC feeding 2,500-3,500 on Christmas Eve, and is the subcontractor for & donor to Habitat for Humanity of Cape Fear.

Linda Miller, Aspen Grove Kitchen & Bath, Inc. in Frisco, CO: “Last year we went to the locally owned children’s toy/clothing store down the street and purchased items for FIRC’s Adopt an Angel program. FIRC is a local charity that helps families in need. We will be doing that again this year.”

Matt Devino, Rose Hill Kitchen & Bath in East Canaan, CT: They will be participating in the local “parade of lights.” In addition, Matt is busy with volunteer & community involvement throughout the year. He is Captain/EMT of North Canaan Volunteer Ambulance, as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors. He is also a member of the North Canaan Elementary School Board of Education.

Additionally, they are large supporters of their local Habitat for Humanity & their local FFA Chapter/Vo-Ag Program.

There are many types of organizations that serve people and causes. You can volunteer or help them through donations. Choose something you are passionate about — it will be rewarding to help when your heart is truly engaged.

  • Children
  • Education
  • Mentoring
  • Health
  • Human Services
  • Environment
  • Human Rights
  • Civil Rights
  • Research
  • Public Policy
  • Arts and Culture
  • Community
  • Senior Citizens
  • Disabilities
  • Veterans and Military
  • Youth Development

We would like to share a story from Anna, a member of SEN’s marketing team. She was making a food donation but had missed the cut-off date to drop off food and canned goods to a local trucking company who was gathering donations and delivering the food items to a community food bank. The trucking company gave her the location for the food bank, and she was able to deliver the items directly to them. Anna entered the central office, who then directed her to the warehouse for the delivery. However, it was the office that was memorable (and heartbreaking to see)…

It was almost 5:00pm, close to the end of office hours, and the waiting room for the food bank office was completely full, with a mix of adults, and particularly noticeable, families with children. To see the number of families and children in need of a food bank service, especially so close to the holiday season, was very difficult to see and impossible to erase from memory. It is truly a sight that Anna will never forget, and it is still something she thinks about often. It is rewarding to donate money, time, food items, clothing, and any other items needed by people. Seeing the reality of the assistance needed by this food bank, live and in-person with my own eyes, was life-changing. It gives a new appreciation for the advantages in our own lives — and a memory that will never be forgotten.

SEN Design Group is thankful and grateful to all of our members. The membership is filled with knowledgeable, caring, successful, and friendly people who are eager and willing to share their experiences and expertise to help others succeed in their endeavors. Our community thrives because of the wonderful members we have, and SEN is grateful for your contributions to the SEN community. Thank you for all you do and your participation in our community!


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