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Five Pro Tips for Starting a Kitchen and Bath Business

When you’re starting a kitchen and bathroom business, you need a lot of different skills to be successful. Great design skills will give you a good start, but business management skills are equally important. The kitchen and bath experts at SEN Design Group can help you create a prosperous, growing business. Today we’re sharing some of our best advice for getting started in the kitchen and bath industry.

#5: Make a strategic business plan.

A strong business plan helps you set realistic goals, adapt to changes, and track your progress throughout the year. Include your budget, marketing plan, sales projections and the milestones you want to achieve. Working with a business coach to create a strategic plan will give your new enterprise a head start.

#4: Learn from the experts.

SEN Design Group offers the business education and sales training you need to succeed in the kitchen and bath industry. A benefit of membership, SEN University will help you improve your showroom operations and profits to help make your new kitchen and bathroom business grow.

#3: Create a strong brand.

Build your brand online through social media and content marketing. Regularly updating your website and social media pages will attract more search volume and establish credibility. Demonstrate your design skills, share your expertise, grow your following, and connect with your target market.

#2: Get the right software.

The best technology will make it easier for you to do your job, allowing you to focus on your customers. That’s why every SEN membership includes DesignAlign™ Selling System Technology at no additional charge. This innovative cost estimator helps you save time, accelerate sales, and increase productivity.

#1: Become a SEN Design Group member.

Want an entire team of experts on your side? The number one way to get your kitchen and bath business off to a great start is to become a SEN Design Group member. We offer all the industry-specific business education, resources, vendors, discounts, and buying power you need to make your new kitchen and bath business successful.

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If you’re starting a kitchen and bathroom business, SEN Design Group is here to support you! We can provide the leading-edge knowledge and skills you need to succeed in a dynamic business environment. Our experts empower kitchen and bath professionals by equipping them with all the essential tools for success.

We offer our members the Business Education, Buying Group, Technology solutions and Strategic Community to accelerate your company growth and profitability. Take the next step—let SEN show you how membership gives you the competitive edge. Download our Member Benefits Chart to learn more.

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