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How to Make Your Kitchen and Bath Business Grow

You’re a great designer, but most likely your competitors are, too. How do you distinguish yourself from the competition and make your business stand out from the others? If you want your kitchen and bath business to grow, the industry experts at SEN Design Group can help. We are dedicated to helping kitchen and bath businesses increase profitability while creating sustainable growth.

Kitchen and Bath Business Growth in 2022

The US Remodeler Index (USRI) Overview of US Remodeling Activity reflects current, future and “hot” market demand for professional remodelers and shows that the US Remodeler Index expanded 71.4% for the fourth consecutive quarter in 2021. The Q3 2021 index largely reflects continued consumer appetite for high-value whole-home remodels, emphasizing functionality as consumers adopt a more home-centric lifestyle. With new home builds and high-budget remodels on the rise, the outlook is bright for kitchen and bath retailers continuing into 2022. How will your business win new customers and capitalize on these trends?

1. Focus on Improving Customer Experience

Making personal connections will set you apart from your competitors—most customers will choose to go with the firm that puts their needs first, and isn’t just trying to make a sale. Prioritizing great customer experience. builds confidence in your brand and loyalty from your current customers. Your satisfied clients will hire you for their next project and recommend your business to their friends and family.

2. Optimize Your Systems

Streamlining your current processes, training your staff on best practices, and upgrading your technology can all spur growth in your kitchen and bath business. Every SEN membership includes DesignAlign™ Selling System Technology. and access to SEN University at no additional charge. DesignAlign helps you save time, improve customer experience, accelerate sales, increase productivity and help your kitchen and bath business to grow.

3. Improve Your Leadership Skills

You’ll find great leadership at the heart of every growing kitchen and bath business. Leaders inspire the confidence, motivation, and action needed to guide their teams toward greater success. Leadership is a skill that anyone can learn. Ask us about our business coaching services—the Licensed Professional Business Coaches at SEN Design Group are ready to help.

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