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Five Amazing “Aging-in-Place” Bathroom Design Ideas

Outfitting a bathroom for a person’s changing needs over time is a big challenge. When you’re creating an aging-in-place bathroom design you need to find exactly the right fixtures and appliances to make your plan work. At SEN Design Group, we offer our members all the resources they need to create functional and beautiful bathrooms for aging-in-place. Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

1. Main Floor Master

When designing a bathroom for aging-in-place, it’s important to add a full bath on the first floor that can meet a variety of accessibility needs. Start by creating a spacious room with wide doorways, then include fixtures and features that add extra convenience.

2. Walk-in Shower

Upgrading the bathtub to a walk-in shower with a seat will make showering more comfortable and allow for wheelchair access if needed. Install an adjustable shower head with a handheld option, and add thermostatic shower controls to prevent scalding.

3. Smart Sinks and Toilets

Automatic flushing toilets and hands-free faucets are much easier to use than sinks and toilets with knobs or buttons. Pedestal sinks and floating sinks work best for wheelchair accessibility. You might even want to consider installing a self-cleaning toilet or a bidet toilet seat to help with hygiene.

4. Double-Duty Accessories

A towel bar that’s also a weight-supporting grab bar can help prevent slips and falls. Adding full-length mirrors and vanity seating will make daily tasks like brushing teeth more comfortable. Using drawers for storage rather than a medicine cabinet will keep prescriptions and other necessities within easy reach.

5. Motion Sensored Lighting

No more fumbling in the dark for a light switch—motion sensor bathroom lighting can prevent accidents and make midnight journeys easier. A well-lit bathroom also helps to compensate for failing eyesight. Position lighting lower on the walls and inside cabinets as well as overhead.

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