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April Showers Bring May Flowers, Renewal and Rejuvenation

The Spring season brings a special feeling to many people — feelings of renewal, refreshment, rejuvenation, freshness, positivity, and optimism.

It is the perfect time to transform yourself to a new state of mind reflecting the new season. Our home is our sanctuary and creating a home and workspace for your customers that is peaceful and optimistic is a great way to make their dwelling a very special place for all seasons. They don’t need to go on vacation to have a special place that is a peaceful refuge where they can retreat for quiet time away from everything.

What does the perfect bathroom sanctuary look like for your customers? If you have a beautiful new project you’d like to share with us, contact Shannon Blair and we’ll share it on social media. We love showing off SEN member’s beautiful work!

Ours looks something like this. Picture a relaxing setting with a soothing, calm color scheme and a mixture of refined rustic and traditional that makes you smile when you set foot into the new bathroom space.

Cabinets and vanities set the tone

Vanities are a central feature in any bathroom, and the cabinets you choose definitely sets the tone for all the elements to come together within the design. They can be trendy or traditional, or a little bit of both. The Refined Rustic design in Yorktowne’s Bungalow collection is a perfect choice for our bathroom sanctuary and it’s easy to help your customer find just the right style for them. SEN vendor, Yorktowne can help you create a special and unique design by tailoring the style for your customer’s specific needs from a wide variety of product offerings.

Cabinets and vanities may set the tone—the accents subtly make all the difference

The devil is in the details. And the details are the finishing touches that make all the difference in the design. Encourage your customers to pay close attention to the details. They will be very happy when they see the finished project and enjoy their sanctuary. We chose the Versailles T-Handle by SEN vendor Top Knobs for the perfect accent to the other design elements.

Flooring should be beautiful and comfortable at the same time

While your customer may only be thinking about the look of the new bathroom sanctuary, comfort is an important goal to keep in mind as well. In a bathroom, we are primarily barefoot. Does your client want something softer to the foot, like wood flooring or tile, which is firmer and harder and cool to the touch? We chose the Western Ridge collection in the Firelight Pine color. RevWood is some of the new flooring SEN vendor, Mohawk Flooring, just launched.

The bathroom may be a sanctuary, but it must be functional too

Style is important. We relied on SEN vendor, The Stock Market, for both style and function. You want your customers to love the design elements every time they set foot in that shower or tub. We made a big effort to pick interesting tile for the shower walls and floor from SEN vendor, Daltile. Both are natural stone with the floor tile being a nice natural stone (Ivory Classico Travertine) that will match nicely with the wall tile (Energy Sequence SB66 color) while giving the feeling of relaxation.

For the shower, the perfect shower fixture makes you feel like you are at the spa. We chose the Rohl “Edwardian” Shower Tower Custom Shower System for a luxurious treat for the homeowners. The shower door we chose is the Dreamline “Mirage” Sliding Shower Door. We added a standalone tub, the Kohler “Sunstruck” Unique Size Air Tub.

A fun bonus for our sanctuary bathroom

We’ve picked a beautiful flooring choice with Mohawk, but your customers will love everything about their new sanctuary bathroom as we tied style, beauty, and function all together with comfort. Heated flooring is always an unforgettable treat! Warmly Yours, a SEN vendor, will help you provide this special bonus feature that is the cherry on top of a beautiful sanctuary bathroom!

The finishing touches for the perfect bathroom refuge in your customer’s own home

What are your favorite completed projects for any season? Remember to share your amazing projects with us for a chance to be featured in SEN promotions. Upload your photos or contact Shannon Blair if you have any questions.