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Business Skills Event Planned

CHICAGO – SEN Design Group, a kitchen and bath industry buying group and
business education resource, is accepting registrations for its Business School, to
be held in-person at theMart (formerly known as Merchandise Mart) in Chicago.
The four-day event — scheduled for July 12-15 and sponsored by Custom Wood
Products — empowers business owners and executives in the kitchen and bath
industry with the right tools to grow their businesses, according to SEN.

“The Business School is the kitchen and bath executives’ opportunity to move the
needle in their organizations. It’s a truly transformational, poignant program that
brings industry executives to the next level,” said Dan Luck, SEN Design Group’s
senior v.p. “The program covers critical topics to maximize returns, master
financials, leverage marketing strategies, improve personnel relations and
implement proven methods to quickly and profitably grow kitchen and bath

Participants will develop strong strategic planning skills and learn how to manage
the business financials, build a successful commission system, learn how to
forecast sales, create an effective pricing formula, increase profits, build a
powerful sales team, win bank financing requests, develop a three-year budget and

But a successful business cannot rely solely on financial and business skills.
Kitchen and bath business owners must also advance their personnel management
skills, which is why the Business School includes a module dedicated to helping
participants motivate and lead employees effectively.

The third day of the intensive program will focus on how to leverage marketing
strategies to grow the business. This module will cover strategies to stand apart
from the competition, the importance of creating a marketing plan, how to
effectively use customer relationship management (CRM) tools, how to implement
digital marketing campaigns and creative data-driven analytics to generate more

Visit here to see the Executive Business School program and email Skyler Ille to
register for the event. The cost to participate is free for SEN Design Group
members and $1,195 for non-members; $995 Early Bird registration by June 30th,

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