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Strategic Community

Surround yourself with successful, like-minded people. This is what a kitchen and bath industry strategic community is all about. It is one of the most intelligent decisions you can make for your business and individual growth, both personally and professionally. It is why we seek out mentors, coaches, colleagues, and fellow business owners to help us grow and improve. They experience the same challenges and opportunities that you do. The SEN member-community is willing to share a wealth of knowledge, real-life experience and relevant, unique ways to increase sales.

Being independent is good. In fact, it is really great. Although, being too independent can be isolating. And there is simply no reason to do it alone with no support team. This is why SEN’s kitchen and bath industry strategic community is so valuable.

“Imagine having experts in every field needed to make your business a success at your disposal. And then imagine those experts really want to see your business prosper. Every SEN dealer-member and every SEN vendor-partner is committed to helping each other succeed. That’s what the SEN networking experience is all about!”

—Chris Dreith CMKBD, The Home Improvements Group, Woodland, CA

More than 25 years ago, SEN learned how other U.S. business categories such as appliances, plumbing, and other kitchen and bath cabinet dealers in European countries, had far more profitable operations when they were members of a strategic buying group. The members’ businesses prospered when they opened themselves to engaging and learning from others. This prompted SEN Design Group to establish the first buying group in the U.S. kitchen and bath industry in 1994. SEN members find:

  • It is healthy to hear the challenges and opportunities of other business owners, especially of those in the kitchen and bath industry.
  • Fellow members truly understand the challenges difficulties, successes, trends, opportunities, and best business practices peers face and see every day.
  • Great ideas can be born from the conversations and friendships developed in the community.
  • By bringing members together, a supportive community has been created by SEN Design Group that honors trust and respect and upholds confidentiality.

Many members of kitchen and bath buying groups consider the rebates earned as “icing on the cake,” even if they amount to tens of thousands of dollars annually. These members consider the knowledge, training, strategies, relationships, and tools gained from their group affiliation with SEN to be the “cake.”

Zig Ziglar said, “I believe that you can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

This is truly what SEN’s strategic community is all about. A supportive community generates friendships and meaningful relationships. Successful peers and friends want to see success in others. You may be surprised at how willing others are to assist those peers—like you—who ask for help.