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Sales Professionalism

Much like the need for business knowledge to operate a successful, profitable kitchen and bath dealership, sales are a necessity for revenue and income. However, the sales process can be difficult and is not usually an intuitive strength for most business people, especially creative professionals. Creativity and design talent do not automatically guarantee understanding how to nurture and close a sale. Learning how to obtain leads, build a healthy sales pipeline, and utilize best-practices to close the sale are strategies and practices that can be learned.

You and your staff are design professionals with exceptional design skills. Yet, those skills are vastly different from the skills needed to close sales—and in the quantity necessary for a robust business. Likely, you feel like you are always selling, with no break from prospecting activities, ever.

Successful sales professionalism is something most people must learn and includes:

  • Developing a well-thought out sales approach
  • Learning how to motivate prospects to buy and recession-proofing your business for a down economy
  • Understanding best practices to hiring the best, most qualified employees who can deliver results during a flourishing economy
  • Effectively utilizing the Good-Best-Best Selling System

SEN’s in-depth, educational sales training program helps you and your team get real results, improving closed sales, increased revenue and raising gross profit margins to a new level—beyond even your best year’s performance.