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Purchasing Power

Well-run businesses are continuously looking for ways to improve the bottom line. However, there are only so many ways a company can improve processes and efficiencies that result in lower costs. Aligning your company with other businesses who have a common financial interest by joining an industry buying group is one smart tactic. You can reduce costs and build better relationships with vendors. This helps your company, both with cost of supplies as well as improved, reliable services. It is the power of one, leveling the playing for your independent kitchen and bath business.

Cost of goods sold represent the single greatest expense on a company’s Profit & Loss Statements. Any improvement in that column of the financial statement makes a significant difference in the profitability of the business.

The benefits of SEN Buying Group include:

  • Lower costs of goods
  • Quarterly member rebates paid
  • Priority status with participating vendor partners
  • Reliable relationships with participating vendor partners
  • Saving money on freight and delivery
  • Increased productivity by implementing centralized purchasing
  • Support, advocacy, and guidance by the industry group
  • Peer networking

As new members join the buying group and support many of the same product lines as your company is purchasing from, the group overall achieves higher levels of purchases with the vendors, which triggers greater rebate dollars paid to SEN members. You have the capability of earning higher rebates, whether or not you increase your sales with the vendors.

More product selections. More savings. More rebates. Harness the power of one buying group made possible by the many participating members.