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Higher Gross Profit Margins

Unless you are an accountant by trade or a business major, good business skills may not come naturally. Smart business tactics may not be in your area of expertise or interest. Do you understand your current profit margins for every kitchen and bath product and service you sell? Do you know what level your profit margin must be to be a viable, prosperous business? Do you know the proper level of pricing you can set that will produce enough sales for your business and allow you to be profitable? Education is key to learning about best practices—and seeking instructional opportunities is a smart decision.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Knowledge is when you learn something new every day.”

SEN genuinely believes that business knowledge is a key differentiator between SEN members and their competitors and is the difference between a thriving, profitable, sustainable business—and one that may not survive. You are never too old, too experienced, too successful, or even too deep in trouble to learn something new and to take advantage of SEN’s educational offerings, including:

  • Two national conferences jammed packed with expert speakers
  • The industry’s only Business School
  • Complete access to the SENtelligence Library
  • World-class sales training
  • Business coaching
  • Business workshops and roundtable

Unlike any other kitchen and bath buying group or industry association, a major benefit of a SEN membership is the organization’s continual, consistent development of new programs designed to educate members and their teams in business development, best-practices, and tactics that lead to higher profit margins and rapid revenue growth.