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DesignAlign™ Technology

Technology provides a clear advantage to companies that utilize it. Today, DesignAlign, an interactive kitchen design app focused on the Good-Better-Best selling system technology, is a benefit included in every SEN Design Group membership—at no additional charge. This innovative kitchen remodel cost estimator saves valuable time by reducing the sales cycle and exponentially increasing productivity—effectively doubling and even tripling annual sales.

Technology is a difference-maker, and it levels the playing field for businesses when competing with larger companies. It is also offers a distinct advantage to those companies who embrace technology and the benefits it has to offer. An investment in innovative, progressive technology will result in greater future profitability. The DesignAlign selling system technology has significant advantages to kitchen and bath owners who employ it in their sales process. Interactive and customer-focused, the kitchen design app provides the prospect with a favorable customer experience. It’s a win-win scenario that is repeatable, time-saving, and accelerates profitability for the business owner.

The DesignAlign advantages are clear:

Prospects interests come first—In today’s world of technology, instant gratification and immediate answers, the ability to give prospects quick answers and cost proposals with client communications software is a differentiator for your company.

Introduce your company’s brand uniqueness and advantage—The ability to provide multiple product choices, immediate pricing, and an instantaneous budget proposal shortens the sales cycle and lets prospects experience the talent, capabilities and Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of your company. DesignAlign is extremely effective for virtual meetings and communicating a distinct advantage over your competitors. Imagine your customer’s delight when your sales team can interactively develop—and deliver—3 accurate project estimates during the first meeting!

Offer multiple design choices, complete with a range of pricing—With a full, virtual catalog of product options literally at your fingertips, you can mix and match products with desired pricing to help prospects not only participate in the product selection, but make the decision to work with your company during the first meeting allowing you to obtain a retainer more quickly.

Develop project budgets interactively—The final step is leading your prospect through a good-better-best, interactive project budgeting exercise, using the innovative, DesignAlign kitchen remodel cost estimator tool. To earn a retainer during the first meeting, you’ll be able to provide prospects with far more accurate pricing than the traditional spreadsheet “ballpark” figure. Your prospects will appreciate real-time pricing without the uncomfortable scenario of having to adjust budgets after completing a retainer agreement.

Gain client commitments in 75% less time—The digital, kitchen design app proposal process can reduces the typical 7-8 hour sales cycle down to just 2-3 hours.

Capture closing percentages to upwards of 75%—The industry closing ratio norm is estimated at roughly 33% on qualified leads.

Increase annual sales by at least 100%—Utilization of this design management software can double your current sales within 1-2 years and leave considerably more quality time for other important work tasks, family and hobbies.

Charge up to 40% higher prices—Prospects willingly pay more for superior value and the exceptional customer experience they’ll have with the DesignAlign kitchen design app. If you are currently achieving the 29% industry average gross profit margin today (as reported in Kitchen & Bath Design News, June 2017), you could be realizing 41% tomorrow.

Improve owner returns by over 200%—Kitchen and bath showroom owners who “systemize” the 2-hour initial client meeting with the DesignAlign sales system technology and streamline the process for all sales designers on the team to follow the same methodology, can expect to scale up their operations with considerably expanded revenues, even adding satellite showrooms. In doing so, they will be earning much greater owner returns (defined as the total of owner salary, company perks, and net profit divided by sales).

Key features of DesignAlign currently include:

  • A beautiful, cleanly designed and easy-to-read user interface
  • User-friendly, intuitive navigation
  • Built-in homeowner virtual presentation mode supporting remote consultations (no need for Zoom or equivalent apps)
  • “Live tracking” which ensures homeowners can easily follow the designer’s facilitation through the 3-column GBB budgeting interaction—especially relevant during virtual consultations
  • GBB interaction—especially relevant during virtual consultations
  • SEN-provisioned kitchen and bath budget templates applicable to virtually all industry business models
  • Easy-to-use GBB Setup Wizard with both on-screen and video instruction enables owners to get everyone up-to-speed on this sleek new way of doing business within a week
  • Over 400 popular kitchen and bath brands, representing ¾ million active products, are integrated on the platform complete with current model numbers, pricing, specifications, photos, finishes, and installation instructions—saving a tremendous amount of time in the pricing and product selection process
  • Responsive application design to work seamlessly across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices

DesignAlign empowers industry professionals to minimize time while maximizing success. The technology is specifically engineered to speed up the sale while improving the customer experience.