Kitchen and Bath Business Institute

What sets KBBI apart is a curriculum that is both comprehensive and focused—with classes, programs, and events designed to help you build a strong operational foundation in the kitchen and bath business.

What makes SEN Design Group different from every other industry buying group is our leadership team with 140+ years of kitchen/bath experience, our business education assets, and our professional training opportunities.

We’ve identified the need to improve operating efficiencies for the small businesses in our group, which led to the development of the ground-breaking, industry-specific platform—DesignAlign™ selling system technology. And, with SEN’s commitment to offer practical business solutions along with this innovative technology, we’re now expanding this opportunity to other kitchen and bath showroom owners and design/build firms.

We also recognize that many companies simply may not be interested in, or be qualified for, a buying group program like SEN. They have traditionally set themselves apart with their design skills. But in this brave new world of change, business skills are increasingly more important. And, while there is a surplus of design courses and training in the kitchen and bath industry, the same cannot be said about business education and operating technologies—which is where SEN can help take your business from just marginal to good, and from good to really great. So to that end, we have established a brand new education division open to the entire industry.

Welcome to SEN KBBI (Kitchen and Bath Business Institute)

Many of the most successful businessmen and women we know and admire understand that “knowing everything” or “I know enough to get by” is a myth and not the clearest path to success. They believe in life-long learning and they practice it themselves.

Bill Gates is a voracious reader who reads one book per week and commits to 2 weeks of reading vacations every year.

Walt Disney continued to learn new skills throughout his life and learned to draw through correspondence school.

Jerry Seinfeld writes every single day and practices his craft by performing stand-up comedy on a regular basis. Each day he writes he marks off the calendar to hold himself accountable.

Barack Obama sets aside time to read one hour a day.

Warren Buffett invests 80% of his time into reading and thinking, starting from his early days of investing by reading 600-1000 pages per day.

It stands to reason the practice of continuous learning makes great sense for all business owners in the kitchen and bath industry — whether you have reached a high level of success already or you are at the start of your company’s growth and profitability. Always be learning!

KBBI wraps critical education programming around the innovative DesignAlign™ technology platform—featuring the Good-Better-Best (GBB) Interactive Sales Tool—to maximize the uplift in company performance. This new division offers a rich, year-long schedule of learning with two education tracks—Business/Owner Track and Sales/Designer Track. Start your life-long journey of learning today—do not delay success, productivity, and profitability.

Business/Owner Track

Industry-Changing Technology:

  • DesignAlign GBB Interactive Sales Tool (1 User License)
    For unlimited team licenses, please see SEN Membership opportunities
  • Good Better Best (GBB) Selling Methodology (Online Video Library)
  • DesignAlign Knowledge Base (Onboarding & Online Video Library)

Recurring Business Training Programs:

  • Lunch & Learn Webinars (offered Monthly)
  • One-Day Academy (5 per year)
    A drill down of essential financial, selling, and technology topics with actionable takeaways for productivity and income generation

90-Minute Live Workshops:

  • Social Selling: Turning Customers into your Digital Salesforce
  • Overhaul your Digital Footprint & Outpace Your Competition
  • Winning Team Communication Strategies
  • Charged Leadership: Energize Your Reputation, Influence, and Impact


  • 3-Year Profit Plan Excel Templates (used to determine accurate pricing of all projects)
  • Online Sales Roundtable (2 per year)
    Interactive discussion of common issues impeding full sales potential, best-practice solutions, and success strategies

Add-On Option:

  • Premier 4-Day Executive Business School (In-Person or Online)
    For kitchen and bath business owners who want to make great strides in their growth and progress as a company in 2021, the Premier 4-Day Executive Business School is the foundation of all owner education and is a cornerstone of SEN’s unique education offering. (Available at 50% savings with purchase of Subscription Package)

Sales/Designer Track

60-Minute Live Workshops:

  • Setting Up a Successful 1st Customer Meeting
  • Hi-Tech vs. High Touch (Host Productive Virtual Meetings)
  • The Essential Handbook to Handling Objections
  • Selling in the Summer
  • Lead With Confidence
  • The Ultimate Guide to Exceptional Customer Experience
  • 10 Ways to Maximize Year-End Sales
  • Creating a Plan for Success in 2022

Full Day Classes (2 of each offered per year):

  • Kitchen Design & Sales (Level One Class)
  • Kitchen Design & Sales (Level Two Class)


  • One-Day Academy (5 per year)
    A drill down of essential financial, selling, and technology topics for actionable take-aways in productivity and income generation
  • Online Sales Roundtable (2 per year)
    Interactive discussion of common issues impeding full sales potential, best-practice solutions, and success strategies

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Stay ahead of the learning curve with KBBI

To learn more about how KBBI business education resources and training can help grow your kitchen and bath showroom, contact Greg Stebbins, Director of Member & Vendor Development.