Business Education

Learn from the industry experts who are influencing and shaping the business of kitchen and bath design.

SEN Design Group is a unique industry organization and buying group in that the education program available is focused on business management, development, and sales improvement—no other kitchen and bath industry organization provides this type of education for your company and professional development. It is an important distinction and advantage for members because kitchen and bath business owners are accustomed to design education but cannot easily engage in education that teaches the fundamentals of successfully and profitably operating a business.

“I learned more about the business in one week at the SEN program than what I had experienced in the previous 25 years. Already having an advanced degree in finance and marketing, I learned new metrics to help identify my company’s successes and failures. With a new perspective on profitability, we have been able to increase a marginally respectable ROI to something that could turn outside investors’ heads. I would respectfully encourage any stakeholder in the business to attend.”

—Jim Eathorne, EW Kitchens, Wixom, MI

While SEN Design Group has an education track for kitchen design, we feel it is important to deliver much more robust education that provides a complete, well-rounded program including both the design and business sides of operating a kitchen and bath showroom or design and build firm. We have said it before—design talent is not a guarantee for business profitability, growth, and success. And the skills necessary for a sustainable, healthy business are more often, not natural skills for a talented design professional. Running a business is difficult and it is challenging and it will be the hardest job you ever had.

The business education program that SEN Design Group offers is designed to reduce the learning curve for successfully running your business to a minimum as you gain knowledge and learn the lessons from the experience of others who came before you. Take full advantage of this benefit!